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In a Small Town

About the Author

Author of In a Small Town Novel, Marc Di Giacomo

My name is Marc A. DiGiacomo and I am the award winning author of, "In A Small Town." Beginning in 1997, I worked as a police officer in a small town within the State of New York. Most small towns are quiet and safe. However, my town fell victim, to a significant increase in violent crime never before seen (Murders, Home invasions, Pedophiles, Police shootings). My department spared no expense and investigations were undertaking to bring these criminals to justice. I was involved with cases, and technology most small town cops only dream about resulting in a promotion to the rank of detective. It is these criminal investigations that help create the plots within the pages of my novel.

"In A Small Town," is the first book in a new crime series. Detective Matthew Longo is the main character who is determined to change the downward spiral of crime within his hometown community.

On September 12, 2013, "In A Small Town," won the Best Thriller award at the 2013 Orangeberry Book Expo Hall of Fame.

I reside in New York with my wife and three children. Thanks for reading!