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In a Small Town

About the Novel

Detective Matthew Longo is a police detective for the small town of Hutchville, NY. As the first page unfolds, Matthew has been shot on duty. His assailant is on the run. While recuperating, Matthew experiences haunting dreams of death he observed earlier in his career as a cop. These dreams are vivid, appear to be real, and are not like anything you have read before.

Meanwhile, Matthew's partner, Detective Donny Mello is in Italy attending a funeral for his grandfather. It is a death not met by natural causes but by an assassin's bullet. Donny's grandfather was the head of a mafia family. His past caught up to him in the most lethal way.

Back in Hutchville, things get worse for Matthew with the arrival of a beautiful FBI agent. She is seeking Donny Mello for questioning. Matthew is unaware of the agent's intentions but believes it has something to do with a secret he is holding deep within himself.

Can Matthew keep from answering the agent's questions? Will Donny return to help find the person responsible for shooting his partner? You will have to read, "In A Small Town" to find out.