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In a Small Town


"We take police officers for granted, but do we ever think that they put their lives on the line day in and day out? The author shows us in his novel that even when we think there couldn't be violent crimes in small towns that there really are, and the police are always in danger but still present to protect us. And this comes out beautifully in this thriller that will keep you riveted from the first page to the last. Especially intriguing was the way the author is `in the head' of the main protagonist and relates his inner feelings, thoughts and fears. Due to his past profession as a police officer the author writes the plot and twists very realistically, and keeps you turning the pages. `In a Small Town' is a quick read and very enjoyable. Next time you see a police officer thank him/her. If they ask you why tell them you read this great book `In a Small Town', and it made you realize the service they provide to their communities. Well done, sir, thank you for your service. "
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"From the moment you start reading Marc A. DiGiacomo's In a Small Town, there's no way you're going to be able to put it down until you've finished. The story opens with the main character, Detective Matt Longo having been shot in the line of duty, and from there it's non-stop action until the thrilling conclusion. DiGiacomo is brilliant as he describes police procedures in a small town outside of New York City that is not as peaceful as it looks on the surface. To be sure, it might even remind one of the town in David Lynch's Blue Velvet where everything appears to be normal on the surface, but once you start to look beneath this peaceful veneer, all sorts of evil lurks. DiGiacomo takes us into the mind of Longo as we follow him on a number of calls which offers insights into his character and how he responds to the evil which lurks in this small town. In a Raymond Chandler/Mickey Spillane-like prose we get an up close and personal look at police procedures which is just as much gritty as it is riveting. Of course the real story here is, who shot Longo, and that is what drives this exciting and thrilling police drama. As Longo tries to find the shooter, the reader is in store for plenty of surprises and twists which are handled deftly by the author. If you like your reading fast and action-packed, you're going to love In A Small Town."
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"I'm a huge fan of cop dramas on television and in books, so I was happy when my friend recommended this book to me. What a gripping novel! I was up half of the night reading until my eyes burned and my vision blurred! Written in a taut style that pulls no punches, from the first page you are drawn into the story of small town policeman Matt Longo's near-fatal gunshot wound and its aftermath. We also get a fair amount of his history through flashbacks and dreams. Where this book shines though is in its depiction of the police. The author clearly knows his stuff, which makes sense considering his background, and this grounds the book really strongly in the nitty-gritty of being a cop. In short, this is a fast-paced page turner that not only entertains, but offers a fascinating window into the psyche of the men and women who serve and protect at home. Looking forward to more of this series! "
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"Not only a page turner from the get-go, but a heart stopper. Not too many books have me holding my breath in anticipation... I had to remind my heart to start pumping more than once. A retired detective who is also a brilliant writer offers an intense story told mainly in the form of dreams that occur after detective Matt Longo is shot point blank when picking up a pizza. Offering more than an exciting story, the author focuses cutting insight into the feelings and the psyche of a detective...the challenges...the sensitivities...the emotions and perceptions that are pushed into the background as part of the mind-set of the job, feelings and fears that come flooding forward in times of trauma to haunt or in the casual, but pointed, jokes among peers to dilute the day-to-day painful encounters. Yes, there is sex, and a love interest, a devoted family, friends, a small town, even the subtle hand of the's all here. Excellent entertainment. Highly recommended."
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"DiGiacomo's writing is crisp and clear and the storyline is fast moving. Longo’s character is well developed and credible, as are most of the other characters. His journey from a bright-eyed, naďve newly appointed police officer to a seasoned officer is unraveled with care to create suspense but also a bittersweet element to the story. In addition to showing the seedy aspect in some sexual episodes, the narrative effectively captures Matt’s various states of consciousness, and the adrenalin rush of the police calls. The dialogue credibly evokes police ‘lingo’ and also brings out the closeness between Longo and his brother as they banter and insult one another."
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"I loved how the author managed to put so much reality into this book. When I read the author bio on the back, I discovered that the author is a retired police detective and well, it shows. He obviously knows what he’s talking about, both about regular police life, and about the hardships that come when something bad happens. After Matthew is shot, he goes through real pain, real fear as he tries to recuperate, and those emotions are so honest and raw that they left me more than a little impressed. While I did enjoy the side characters, and the fact that they’re all well-developed for side characters, Matthew stayed my favorite character throughout the book. Which is odd. Because Matthew isn’t your standard hero. He’s a cop, which in my book counts for at least some heroism, but he didn’t always work by the book."
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"Mr. Di Giacomo is a wonderfully talented new author, and has quickly made a home on my favorite authors list. His style is engaging and realistic, and pulls the reader in full force, to the heart of the story. I am glad I reviewed this book, and am looking forward, with antsy anticipation, for another amazingly written novel by this new author! Well done, Mr. Di Giacomo!"
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